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What is Ragnar Cloud Hosting?

Do you just want to publish your web, without the hassle of installing a WordPress theme or separate web hosting services?

With Ragnar.AI you can point your domain to our servers and have a live running website with just a few clicks. A free HTTPS certificate is included. 

What is included?

You will get:

  • A free HTTPS certificate from Let’s encrypt
  • Everything you can see in the Ragnar Editor (Home page, the pages you have enabled, and a 404 page)
  • A fully accessible, SEO and speed optimised website, with most of the Google PageSpeed recommendations taken care of
  • GDPR compliant website analytics
  • Coming soon: free domain
  • Take a look at an example, and live PageSpeed results

To get started with Ragnar Cloud:

  1. Generate a website with Ragnar.AI
  2. Edit as you please! When you are done, click the “More” tab in the editor and then “Save to Ragnar Cloud”.
  3. Enter your domain name(s). Please note that you must own the domain name(s).
  4. Click “Publish website” and let Ragnar.AI work for a few seconds.
  5. You will now get a documentation page, instructions and a Ragnar.AI domain name which you can check out to make sure that everything looks as expected.
  6. Login to your domain registrar or DNS hosting platform (please consult your IT person if you’re unsure how to proceed). Point your domain according to the instructions from step 5.

Please note that your free HTTPS certificate will get activated for the first time within about 5 minutes after Ragnar.AI has detected a successful DNS pointer from your domain registrar. The time needed for this depends on the TTL (Time To Live) value set in your domain settings.

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